Dream Life Connection

Ep. 1 How to Take a Leap of Faith

April 13, 2022 Andrea Morrison Season 1 Episode 1
Dream Life Connection
Ep. 1 How to Take a Leap of Faith
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Welcome to the Dream Life Connection podcast! This podcast is my new leap of faith, and that is the topic of  my very first episode. I'm so glad you're here! I've taken many leaps of faith, including moving overseas 3 times, quitting my job, and traveling solo.

In this episode, I speak about the 5 tips needed for taking your next leap, big or small. If I can do it, you can too! I promise!!

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Thank you so much for listening, it truly means the world to me. I would love to connect with you!

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Hello and welcome to Dream Life Connection, your hub for magical personal development. I'm Andrea Morrison.

This podcast is a blend of whimsical and grounding topics that will help you live the life of your dreams. We'll talk about synchronicity, lucid dreaming, manifesting, modern spirituality, journaling, mindfulness, paradigm shifts, subconscious programming, and even traveling. If you are a believer in magic and want to elevate your life ,you were meant to be here.

During each episode, we'll take a mini journey through a dreamy topic, learn some modern magic tricks, and I'll even share my stories as a traveling dreamer following her intuition. I would love to connect with you at @dreamlifeconnection on Instagram, and dreamlifeconnection.com. I'm so glad we found each other.

Yeah, yay. Welcome to the first podcast episode of Dream Life Connection. Yay. I'm so excited to be here. And I'm even more excited that you're here.

So I thought I would start this podcast and lay a little bit of a foundation in this first episode. So I'll give a little intro and then go into today's topic, which is actually very fitting for this episode. And the topic is how to take a leap of faith. So you might think that it's a very simple answer, just do it, duhhhh. But there's actually a little more to it. So I'll go into a little detail about that later.

So before we dive in, I thought I would first introduce myself. So my name is Andrea Morrison, and I am a certified dream coach, and life coach. So I teach people dream work, as well as help people manifest their dream life.  And we use various tools like journaling, connecting with our intuition. And most importantly, remembering our magic. That's super, super important for me to teach my clients is to remember that there is magic out there.  And it's not, you know, this wand magic where you have this magical spell and poof, something appears in front of you. It's remembering that everything in the universe is connected and seeing the synchronicity and going outside and seeing certain signs or symbols, coincidences, things that are happening that remind us that we are connected. And when we do that, we tap into our inner power. And then we're able to start believing in our magic and create this magical life.

So many years ago, I used to work at a TV station, and I kind of fall into that category of, you know, working at a corporate job, and then quitting and moving to Bali. I literally did that. I worked in TV for eight years, and I had a really good job. I actually really, really loved my job. At the time, I was meeting all sorts of celebrities and doing all these things I was I was in the marketing department. It was such a fun job for me.

And then things started changing for me, I was slowly waking up, I was becoming more spiritual. I was reading all sorts of spiritual books getting into that kind of field. And then I started noticing that this new version of me was not really aligned with my TV job anymore. So I ended up going on vacation to Bali, fell in love with it. And then I went back to Seattle. And I quit my job I gave I put in my notice. And I said I'm moving back to Bali. And it was a massive, massive, massive leap of faith. But I was so set in it that I just I followed my intuition, and I made it happen. So that was about five years ago and ever since I have been traveling the world. I have lived in Thailand, Vietnam, and now I'm currently in Portugal.

So I lead my life with kindness, like I am all about living in a kind world and I like to say that I wish the world was more like the Hallmark Channel. I am obsessed with Hallmark Channel shows. Every time I watch them, I think I really wish that our world was more like this. I don't really like to follow trends, sometimes I do get sucked into it. And I even wonder now like, is me doing a podcast is that jumping into a trend? That's okay. But I am very aware of what is mainstream and trendy. And I really try to stay true to myself and authenticity is very important to me. And most importantly, I'm a kid at heart. If you resonate with any of this, I really do think that we're meant to be connected in some way.

The other thing about me is that I am a major, major, major overthinker I overthink everything, and that can be very paralyzing. And if you are an overthinker, you know, hopefully we can relate on this. And hopefully I can be proof that you can do anything. Because if you're listening to this right now, that means that I am overcoming this overthinking side of my brain. And I'm actually sharing this podcast. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to do something, or even just a caption on an Instagram post. And then as soon as I post it, I want to delete it. Because I'm overthinking and I'm thinking this is crazy. Somebody's gonna get offended, or I sound ridiculous. But I that's part of the reason why I'm doing this podcast because I want to show that you can freakin do anything that you set your mind to and who cares. There's always going to be people who don't agree, or there's going to be trolls. Even as I'm going through this right now. I'm thinking holy crap, I'm bumbling through my words, I'm making mistakes. I'm gonna I gotta edit this out a little, and nobody's gonna want to listen. But you know what, like, I just, it's like that term in therapy, exposure therapy. You just have to expose yourself to it to overcome it. So I'm doing it. I'm frickin taking this leap of faith. And I'm showing you that if you want to do something, you can do it.

So this podcast, it really is all about magic, and manifesting the life of your dreams, and making every day happier and more joyful. And I already know that there's a gazillion different podcasts out there that already cover manifesting, and intuition and magic. And so I thought for a while I was like, do I even really want to throw my hat in the ring? Do I really want to attempt this when there are already so many people out there doing it so much better than I am? And I thought, well, you know what, the world can never have too much magic. So why not? I will cover topics that are, you know, a bit mainstream. But I'm also going to cover some really random topics that maybe you had never thought about before. But my little twist with this is that everything is going to be a little bit more fairy tale like I as you can tell, I'm obsessed with fairy tales. And I like to think of it that this podcast is going to be sort of like a digital spell book full of recipes that will bring more happiness and magic to your life.

So without further ado, let's open this magic spell book and talk about how we can take leaps of faith. Because it's really not as simple as just do it. I mean, you certainly can. If there's something on your mind, and you want to do it and you're afraid, just do it. But if you're an over thinker like me, there are some steps that you can take to take this leap of faith as confidently as you can.

So a leap of faith is when we do something that we've never done before, and we're not really sure of the outcome. It's like stepping out of your comfort zone and the most popular example of taking a leap of faith is quitting your job. That's always, kind of, the go-to example. You know, you can do many things like moving out of your hometown, moving in with a partner asking someone out, you know, the list is endless, really. But it doesn't always have to be something big. It can also be something small like giving yourself bangs, I know that that would be a major. Well, it's a small leap of faith, but it's actually big to me. Another leap of faith that I thought about, for me would be like wearing a crop top for the first time, I've never worn a crop top. And I feel like that that would be a little leap of faith.

So there's a few steps that will help you take some leaps of faith.

The first step is awareness. It's just gaining clarity on what do you want? What is it that you wanted to try? Or do? Maybe it doesn't come to your mind immediately usually is the greatest leap of faith that you can do is usually the thought that you have going through your mind all the time. So when I was at my TV job, I remember every time I would step into the elevator, I would press the number four. And I would always have this like little thought in the back of my mind that would say, I wonder what it's going to be like, what is it going to feel like when I hit this button for the last time? And that kind of like I didn't even realize I was thinking that. And then I took a moment and I realized Holy crap, like, I have been thinking this for so long. I have, clearly if I want to leave this job, if I'm already thinking about what is this going to feel like on the last day, like I'm ready to leave this job. So maybe there's something that you're thinking about all the time with how even realizing so start becoming aware of these little whispers in your mind, you can also do a life audit, I like to take a life audit and think about the different categories in my life, what is working for me what is not what is something that I would like to change. So the first is awareness.

Second is Trusting. Trust, that the universe has your back trust that when you make this decision, and you start taking that first step toward this big leap, know that you will be supported, you will survive, you will be able to do it. Sure, there will likely be hurdles. Actually, I don't even want to say likely because I don't want to project that onto you. There may not be. A lot of times when you are taking a leap of faith and it's, it's the right thing for you to do. A lot of times, the red carpet will be rolled out for you. And it's it'll be soon it'll be way easier than you think. For me many leaps of faith I've taken there have been many hurdles. And I've pushed through and I've overcome them. And I can tell you without a doubt I survived. And I always will and you will do. The next is to just relax. Don't overthink it. I know if you're listening, if you relate to me at all, we're all over-thinkers. And we wonder is this the right decision? Should I be doing this? Maybe I should be doing later. I don't know I should talk to someone first. I should do this, I should do that I shouldn't. Don't overthink it. Just remember that life doesn't always need to be taken so seriously, have fun with your life. Try to think of it as sort of a game in a way.

The next one is to start looking for signs. I love looking for synchronicity in my reality to support this decision. Sometimes you won't see them but a lot of times you'll be really surprised you'll you'll think about quitting your job and then all of a sudden you'll see the perfect job pop up for you or somebody you'll hear somebody talking about an open position. Also, even a sign you don't normally think about is just how you're feeling about the decision. I again I'm going back to the quitting your job example but sit with that and and pay attention to how you feel. How does it make you feel if you were to stay in your job and Be stay at this job for another year or five years. How do you feel right now? Then think about what if you make this change? What if you go to a new job? How do you feel? What is what is your energy? And yeah, fear will definitely come up. But then you can feel like that excitement underneath the fear. And my biggest, biggest takeaway with signs, my favorite thing to do is not just look for specific signs. But also recognize that if you're looking for a sign, that is your sign, that is a sign. So a perfect example was when I was trying to decide, so I was in California for a while, and then I was going to reunite with my boyfriend. We got separated because of COVID. And we were living in Vietnam, I had to go to California, and he ended up going to Bulgaria. So while in California, I was trying to figure out where are we going to reunite? Where are we going to end up? I didn't know if it was going to be America or Vietnam again, or Portugal or Bulgaria. And I started saying, I want to find, I want to look for signs, I want to see if anything pops up. And I noticed I all these signs were popping up for Bulgaria, and I noticed that I was wanting to find the signs from Bulgaria. Okay, so that in itself shows me that if I want to find those signs, that is telling me something, I want to go to Bulgaria, and I ended up like who would think you would find a sign with Bulgaria. And shockingly, like I did, I found multiple signs. One time I picked up a container of cheese, and then it turned out to be Bulgarian cheese. Then I was watching the great British Baking Show. And there was a contestant that was always making Bulgarian desserts. I was like, Okay, I think I'm supposed to go to Bulgaria. So I ended up buying my flight to Bulgaria. And then America got put on the red list. And I wasn't allowed to enter Bulgaria. So we ended up switching to Portugal.

So yeah, I guess I should say another thing that we have to take into account with leaps of faith is flexibility. And, again, trusting the process. And, man, when you start taking these leaps, you'll learn to become very flexible, because you just end up kind of going with the flow. And I like to think of it as like a literal leap into the wind. Like you jump into the wind, and you just go with it and trust. And now I'm in Portugal, and I'm really happy with that.

The next is logistics. This is the not so fun part, I don't really like the logistics. It's figuring out the details. If you are taking a leap of faith, if you are going to move abroad, there's a lot of things that you have to look into. And make sure that your paperwork is lined up. I won't go into too much detail about this. But you know, there is a certain administrative aspect of taking at least big leaps of faith. Obviously, you don't have to do that kind of stuff. If you're you know, giving yourself bangs or wearing a crop top. But even starting this podcast, there were certain things that I needed to know before I even started.

And lastly, confidence. You got to decide and you got to go all in be 100% step into it. Don't hesitate, just do it. And, for example, this podcast, I was wondering, like, I even Googled, I was like, should I start a podcast? You can find articles that say yes, here's 10 reasons why you should, then you find articles that say, here's 10 reasons why you shouldn't start a podcast and I was going back and forth. But yeah, I heard this voice saying, give it a try. And actually, no, it's not even saying give it a try. It's saying do it. Just do it. Make a podcast, go for it go all in. Why not? Why not? This is the new version of Andrea. Eight years ago, I could not even go to lunch by myself. I was afraid of trying anything that was outside of my comfort zone. And the first leap of faith I took was going to a movie by myself. That was that was what started at all And look where I am now. I'm traveling the world. I'm starting a business, not even starting, I have a business. And now I'm hosting a podcast. So I just want to show you that if I can do it, I know you can too.

And I want to end my episode with a quote that we can kind of leave with and think about and process as we go through our day, unless quote is by Clay Shirky. And it says, "Upgrading one's imagination about what is possible is always a leap of faith."

So before you even start doing the tangible, physical leaps of faith, the first leap of faith we can do is upgrade our imagination. Start thinking bigger, start thinking that anything is possible. You can do it, whatever it is you want to do. You can do it. I know it's so cliche, but I really believe it. I really do.

Okay, so first episode done. Oh my gosh, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you listening. I can't wait to do more episodes, we're going to dive into so many fun topics. And each episode is going to have all sorts of what I like to call magic hacks, or modern magic tricks, ways that you can make your life better. So thank you so much for listening. I can't wait until we meet again. Sweet dreams.