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Ep. 9 Life Is An Algorithm: A Simple Perspective Shift To Quickly Improve Your Life

August 30, 2023 Andrea Morrison Season 2 Episode 3
Dream Life Connection
Ep. 9 Life Is An Algorithm: A Simple Perspective Shift To Quickly Improve Your Life
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Just as social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok tailor our feeds based on our engagement, our thoughts and beliefs are also shaped by the information we consume. By consciously choosing the content (people, places, media, thoughts) we engage with, we can impact our 'life's algorithm' and re-shape our perspective on life.

I encourage you to take a look at your life and see how you're curating your own algorithm? For example, if you frequently engage with a particular person that you're not so fond of, you're going to keep that person or type of energy in your life. By engaging, it's like you're 'subscribing,' even if you don't like them. So it's important to unfollow, delete, and block anything that we don't want more of.

"Energy flows where attention goes."


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Andrea [00:00:01]:

Hello and welcome to Dream Life Connection, your hub for magical personal development. I'm Andrea Morrison. This podcast is a blend of whimsical and grounding topics that will inspire you to live the life of your dream. In each episode, we'll take a mini journey through a dreamy topic, learn some modern magic tricks, and I'll share my stories as a wandering nomad, dream guide and virtual alchemist. Thank you so much for being here. I would love to connect with you@dreamlifeconnection.com and Dreamlife Connection on Instagram. You are meant to be here. Hello and welcome back to Dreamlife Connection podcast.

Andrea [00:00:44]:

I'm Andrea Morrison and I am so happy that you're here. I feel so grateful that you are here and listening to another episode, and I'm so excited about this episode. It's a topic that I have been thinking about for a very long time, like years, and I just thought it would be nice to share this concept. Maybe it's something you've thought about, maybe not. But sometimes I remind myself that life is like an algorithm, so I have all sorts of examples and ways of looking at life so that you can potentially improve your life. It honestly can be as simple as hitting the like button on Facebook. So thank you for tuning in. I am here in Bainsko, Bulgaria, still living the life of a nomad.

Andrea [00:01:37]:

We're in this sweet mountain town and gosh, it has just been so nice and refreshing to kind of slow down a bit. It feels like life moves a little bit slower here. It's a very small town in the mountains in Bulgaria, and we're just surrounded by nature and animals and it just makes me so happy. I'm a member at a co working office, so that's been really, really helpful with my productivity. And I'm just so excited to see where Dreamlife Connection is going. If you've been a part of my journey from the beginning, you have seen the whole process. It's been a very long journey, but I feel like I'm building momentum. That's just how it feels in my mind.

Andrea [00:02:25]:

And it's ironic that I'm in a place that feels like life is kind of moving slower, yet I feel like I'm growing more, maybe not faster, but I'm progressing a lot more. I'm just really excited for what's to come. So thank you for being a part of this journey. It really does mean a lot. You have no idea. It's actually wild too, because I've listened to some of my older episodes from Gosh a year ago, I'm basically relaunching this podcast. And so when I went back and listened to old episodes, it was kind of wild to listen to me contemplate. Should I go back to the corporate world? Should I keep doing what I'm doing? I was very torn and I look back at that time now and I remember feeling very overwhelmed.

Andrea [00:03:11]:

And now, a year later, I am sitting here as a digital nomad, a freelancer a virtual assistant, a coach. I could not be happier with what I'm doing with my life. There is no way at this point in my life, and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with this, but I just could not see myself getting back into that corporate life that I once had. I just wanted to share that because it's amazing what can happen in just a year. It's so cool. So I want to jump into this topic about life being an algorithm. We all know the term algorithm. It's becoming a household term that we're all using, especially because of social media.

Andrea [00:03:55]:

But the exact definition of an algorithm is it's a finite set of precise instructions for performing a computation or solving a problem. So what's interesting about algorithms is that we are performing algorithms all the time. Subconsciously, we don't even realize that we're completing algorithms every single day. So for example, when you're tying your shoes, that's an algorithm. When you're going through a recipe to make dinner, that's an algorithm. Directions on how to get to a certain place, that's an algorithm. I love the example of thinking about what are you going to eat? So the process of this algorithm is thinking, how hungry am I? What food do we have available? How much time would it take to cook food? Do I want to put effort into cooking a meal? Or how much money do I want to spend on takeout? That's all an algorithm. We're going through a set of questions or a set of instructions to solve a problem.

Andrea [00:04:57]:

So all of these algorithms are going on in our life in the background, and we're just going through them. And we don't realize that we can impact our algorithm to improve our life. So the best way to do this, and this is the way that I love thinking about it, is thinking about life as an algorithm in terms of like, social media. When we think of algorithm, we usually think of computers and technology in social media. So when you think about Instagram, for example, you go to your Discover page, you look at certain photos, you engage with certain photos, then you see more of those types of photos. It's very obvious, right? It's kind of interesting when you go through the different social media platforms too. I feel like YouTube and TikTok, oh my gosh, their algorithms are kind of freaky. Honestly, they're kind of freaky how fast they are.

Andrea [00:05:49]:

If you spend more than a second on one type of video, they're going to feed you more and more and more of that. So you have to be kind of conscious when you're scrolling as well. If you're looking for media to consume, if there is something that you don't want to see a lot of, be very careful watching that. There was a point where I was getting fed all these crime videos on TikTok, and I could not help, but it was, like, capturing my attention. And I was like, OOH, this is intriguing. So then I just kept getting more and more and more crime videos. And I'm like, I don't want this. This isn't good for me.

Andrea [00:06:24]:

I don't want to have all sorts of crime videos. So now as soon as I'm fed a video, I have trained my algorithm very well on TikTok. So as soon as I get anything that I know I don't want, I immediately scroll past. No matter how curious I am, I know that if I watch longer than a few seconds, I'm going to get more of that. TikTok and YouTube are crazy with that. I feel like the slowest platform with their algorithm. Oh my gosh, Spotify. I feel like Spotify.

Andrea [00:06:53]:

All I get for years are very slow songs like piano, classical. And I'm just like, okay, come on, give me a little life here. So sometimes I do search specific artists or songs, and I try to listen to more of that to impact my algorithm. But I don't know, I feel like they need to work on their algorithm a little bit more because I still cannot get, like, fast paced music in my weekly playlist. It's kind of funny. So you know how algorithms work in social media. Let's just use Facebook or Instagram as an example. You see a photo that you like, then you like it.

Andrea [00:07:29]:

You start seeing more of those types of photos. Same with engaging. If you comment on the post, then you're going to see more of that person or content. So what's fun is to bring this concept into real life, into your reality. And if you're listening to this podcast, you more than likely know about Law of Attraction and The Secret, and your thoughts create your reality. I also like to think about the Ras, the reticular activating system. I'm sure you've heard of this too. So say you decide that you want to buy a yellow Volkswagen Bug.

Andrea [00:08:03]:

They always give this example of a car. You think about a specific car that maybe you want to buy. And then when you go outside, you start seeing that yellow Volkswagen Beetle everywhere you go. So I love the quote that says energy flows where attention goes. So if you start thinking about something, you're going to start experiencing and seeing that more and more in your reality. So your thoughts create your perception, and your perception creates your reality. So when you think about life and your algorithm, the example I like to use the most, because it's the most potent, in my experience at least, is news. So what you consume impacts your perception of the world.

Andrea [00:08:45]:

It impacts your thoughts. So when you watch news, news is fear based. And I can say this because I worked at a news station for eight years, and oh my gosh, when I worked there, I just thought the world was going to crumble. I was always living in fear. I was so stressed out all the time. It was a very negative environment to be working in. I will say though, I loved my job, I made the best of it. I tried to be as positive as I could.

Andrea [00:09:17]:

But when you're consuming content every single day, that's 99% negative that impacts your reality. And what's interesting too is I remember talking to the news director, we were trying to incorporate more positive news. But it's like the crime videos on TikTok fear sells. People are curious. We're kind of addicted to the fear. That's why news is predominantly beer based because that's what gets the views, that's what gets the numbers, that's what gets the clicks. It's crazy how programmed we are thinking about a news program. It is programming.

Andrea [00:09:55]:

So anyway, sorry, I'll get off my soapbox, but it's true. So even while I was working in news, I eliminated news from my life, even though I kind of had to consume it at work. When I was at home. I never watched the news, I never went to the websites. And I know there's the phrase you need to be an informed citizen, but I just trusted that I would receive the information that I needed to receive. So did that mean I was living in my own little positive bubble? A little bit. I also want to be realistic. So every now and then I check the news or I check resources that aren't so fear based just so I can see what's going on.

Andrea [00:10:40]:

But then, yeah, I kind of pop back into my bubble. Also. We have been programmed to believe that living in your own little world is a bad thing. I don't think it's a bad thing. I love the world that I have created around me. And yes, it's very, very positive. And I watch the Hallmark Channel. It does kind of limit me sometimes on what I'll watch.

Andrea [00:11:00]:

So yes, there is a little bit of a bubble that I'm living in, but I'm very conscious of what I allow in my own world. I have really worked hard on my own life's algorithm and I can attest that. My life is pretty good and I'm pretty happy and I don't stress a lot. Of course I'm human. I'm going to have some moments of stress. But overall I'm very calm. I'm sleeping better through the night. I am waking up happier.

Andrea [00:11:27]:

I'm going through my day better. I just feel overall better. So we can reprogram our algorithm to impact our reality. We can improve our life by improving our life's algorithm. And it's really, really easy to do this. My recommendation is to first of all, become conscious of what your algorithm currently is. Do an audit of your life. Think about the people in your life because I think people have the biggest impact on our thoughts and how we feel throughout the day.

Andrea [00:12:00]:

So think about who you're spending most of your time with. Also think about obviously the media that you're consuming. What is your algorithm on social media or what shows you watch? What does your Netflix look like? Are you watching predominantly negative shows? I mean, I'm not going to lie, I watch Hallmark for that very reason. I get a lot of crap for it. But I love the Hallmark Channel because it is so positive and uplifting and it gives me a better outlook on life. So take a look at your media intake. Look at your environment. Where are you living? What is your home like? What is your city like? Think about the food you're consuming.

Andrea [00:12:37]:

Are you drinking alcohol? How does that make you feel? Does alcohol make you feel better or worse? So then think of it like social media. You either like it, you follow it, or you delete it and block it. Are there certain people that after you leave them, you just feel drained or tired or you complain about them? Like, oh, they're just kind of irritating? Well, block them. Do it like you do on social media. Unfollow them. Because by spending time with these people that drain you of your energy, they're rubbing off on you whether you realize it or not. Same with alcohol. Are you drinking alcohol and then are you feeling good or are you feeling bad? If you feel bad after you drink alcohol, you delete it.

Andrea [00:13:18]:

And I understand that there are other things at play, but the first step is awareness. Just by being a little bit more conscious of what you're allowing into your life. That's the first step. And maybe there's a little bit more you need to do in order to eliminate these toxic things from your life. I totally understand that. I get that. But I promise if you start blocking these things from your life, your life will improve. So then take a look at things in your life that make you feel good.

Andrea [00:13:47]:

What makes you feel good and like them. Engage with that. Subscribe. Follow. Think of it literally. Think of people in real life like you do on Instagram or TikTok. Does this person make you feel good? Okay. Subscribe to them.

Andrea [00:14:05]:

Make sure that you get a dose of them once a week or once a month so that you can get that feeling again. Improve your algorithm. And the best news about this is that by doing this, it doesn't have to take a really long time. It can happen immediately. Your life's algorithm is very fast, much like TikTok's algorithm. You can change it within a moment. Sometimes if I'm having a bad morning and I'm not feeling very good, my algorithm is just not in my favor. Sometimes I'll take a little nap and wake up as if it's a new day and just start fresh.

Andrea [00:14:39]:

I'm not going to lie. Last night I kind of spiraled down. It was a night, it was a moment where I was feeling very overwhelmed, and I was feeling negative about several different things. And I was like, you know what, I'm just going to go to sleep and I'm going to wake up and I'm going to have a good day. I think of the example of February 22, 2002, 222222, and this was a day where everyone was like, you need to be really mindful on this day because it's like a super powerful manifesting day. How you treat this day is going to impact your foreseeable future because it's a portal. All this stuff about 222 22. And so I woke up that day.

Andrea [00:15:28]:

I remember I was in Portugal, and I was like, okay, this is an important day. I need to wear nice clothes. I need to go through my day with a smile on my face and be positive and happy and just be open to receiving and open to the magic. And it was actually a very, very wonderful day. It was a really good day. I have very fond memories of 222 22, but what I realized throughout that day is that every day is like that day. You can wake up any day and say, it's an important day. I'm going to go through my day with Positivity, and I'm going to be open to receiving Positivity any moment you can make this shift.

Andrea [00:16:14]:

So there are some ways that of course, you can kind of fast track this. Not fast track it, but if you want to start feeling good now, like I said, go through your audit. Try to think of things that you can eliminate. Think of things that you want to follow and subscribe to in your life. I definitely recommend listening to music with certain frequencies as well, like the Frequency 528 Hertz, that's like the Love frequency, the God Frequency. You can find music on Spotify and also on YouTube. So many playlists with really beautiful music in healing frequencies that just instantly make you feel better. Also connecting with your know, maybe there are some subconscious things going on that you don't even realize that are impacting your perception of the world.

Andrea [00:17:03]:

And by connecting with your dreams, interpreting your dreams, maybe you can figure out these blocks that you've had for a long time, and then you can finally overcome them. So by going through these steps, it is taking action. But what ends up happening is you're taking these actions consciously, and then you're starting to ingrain this subconsciously. So over time, by exercising this muscle, by improving your algorithm, it's going to start impacting you subconsciously as well. And then you'll just start noticing, like, life will just start looking brighter, it'll feel happier, and it's not going to take as much effort. It's just going to happen subconsciously. So again, just to sum it up in a nutshell, think of attention or your focus as life's follow button or subscribe button. So anything that feels good, think of it like a follow button.

Andrea [00:17:59]:

Click that button and your life will start improving, I promise you. So I hope that helps. I know that looking at life as an algorithm has definitely helped me a lot, and I hope that that concept can maybe bring some more lightness and happiness and hope into your life. I obviously would love to hear from you if there's anything you want to eliminate from your life or maybe add to your life. I would be very curious to see what your algorithm is like. You can always reach out to me at Dreamlife Connection on Instagram, and of course, I would be so honored to be a part of your algorithm. I am all about trying to instill hope in people, and something that I love doing is sharing what I call Modern magic tricks, which is basically about this podcast. But also every Monday I send out an email.

Andrea [00:18:54]:

I call it Magic Monday, and I share a little modern magic trick with something bite sized that you can bring into your day and hopefully bring some more happiness. So I would love to be a part of your algorithm. You can always sign up for my Magic Monday newsletter. If you go to Dreamlifeconnection.com or even if you go to my Instagram, you can click on the link in my bio. So as soon as you enter your email address, you'll start receiving Magic Monday emails every Monday, and you'll also gain access to the Magic Monday Archive, which I'm really, really proud of. It's filled with dozens of magic tricks now that you can take a look at and yeah, just start bringing more productivity or if it's woo woo or self love or mindfulness, there's all sorts of unique little tidbits within that Magic Monday archive, so I would love to connect with you there. So thank you so much for listening. I'm so honored to be a part of your life.

Andrea [00:19:54]:

My only hope is just to bring more magic into the world. So thank you for being a part of this journey. I really, really appreciate you and I hope you have a very magical week. Bye. Thank you so, so much for being here. It truly means the world to me. If you'd like to receive even more magic, be sure to subscribe to my Magic Monday newsletter@dreamlifeconnection.com. While you're there, take a look around and see if any of my offerings speak to you.

Andrea [00:20:25]:

I offer one to one guidance business alchemy, dream therapy, and Tarot card readings. So if you're looking for even more magic, you're in the right place. Oh, and be sure to look for the little white rabbit somewhere on my website to receive a fun surprise. I would love to connect with you. You can always find me at Dreamlife Connection on Instagram. And never forget you are Magic.