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Magic Monday: Mini Vipassana Meditation At Home For A Mental Detox [Mini Modern Magic Trick]

October 09, 2023 Andrea Morrison Season 2 Episode 7
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Magic Monday: Mini Vipassana Meditation At Home For A Mental Detox [Mini Modern Magic Trick]
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When was the last time you sat in silence with zero distractions? No phone, music, book, screen of any kind, naps, etc. Nothing. Probably a while, huh? If you feel like your mind is always on a treadmill, constantly running, you should definitely try having a mini vipassana meditation at home: 4 hours of complete silence.

This week's magic trick is a mental detox, and I'm sharing my personal experience and the benefits of doing nothing. It's surprisingly challenging, and it's surprisingly rewarding! It might be just what you need...

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Hey, I'm Andrea and welcome to Magic Monday. Come back every Monday for a bite-sized episode sharing a modern magic trick that will make your life happier and a bit more enchanted For more magic. Come find me on Instagram at DreamLife Connection. I'm so grateful that you're here Now. Let's open our digital spellbook. Hello and welcome to a new week and, of course, a new episode of Magic Monday. In these Magic Monday episodes, we explore simple, practical, modern magic tricks that are sure to make your life a little brighter. And these are little bite-sized episodes they're just short and sweet, and I'll share a modern magic trick that has worked wonders for me, my friends, my clients, my family the list goes on and hopefully you and the intention behind these episodes, these Magic tricks, is just to spread some more magic around the world. I really think the world needs a little more magic, don't you think so? Without further ado, today's magic trick. It's kind of ironic, actually, because this magic trick is essentially the art of doing nothing, and that is a mini vipassana meditation, and you may have heard of vipassana meditations before. I learned about them when I was living in Thailand, and they're usually about five to ten day retreats where you meditate in complete silence, doing nothing but eating, walking and sleeping. Do you remember Ypres love when she goes to India and does a silent meditation for days? That is a vipassana meditation. But most of us Unfortunately don't have the time to do this or can't fly to Asia for a traditional vipassana. And, let's be honest, five to ten days is Scary, at least it is to me. That's intense, but what we can do is a mini version and still get incredible results. So you can actually create your own mini vipassana meditation right at home and I promise, I promise, I promise it can be very, very enlightening. And Think about it. Think about when was the last time you went without some kind of conversation, checking your phone, completing a task, aarons working, consuming media, etc. I Mean we live in a world filled, filled with non-stop messages and notifications. We're basically just constantly distracting ourselves and we rarely take the time to just be Present with ourselves. So here's what you're gonna do hopefully Find a quiet, comfortable space in your room. I usually sit on my bed. I like to sit in front of a window, because I do like to sit and look outside and maybe look at the View that I have at the time. I've done this multiple times in various countries, and I've always made sure that I'm looking at either like a tree or the mountains Sometimes I see the birds. So you sit in your room and you set aside four hours to do Nothing, that's right. Nothing, absolutely nothing. No reading, no writing, no checking your phone, no music, no Netflix, no sleeping, no talking, nothing, just you and your mind. I know it sounds kind of scary, doesn't it? Which is kind of weird to think that that's like can be intimidating, but I promise it's worth it. So I recommend putting a timer on your phone for four hours and then put your phone or I actually did it on my iPad so that I won't get text or anything. I don't want to hear anything. But you can set a timer on your phone or your clock or your iPad, but put it in a drawer and promise yourself that you won't check it, because, trust me, you'll be tempted to check your phone or your iPad for the time. Or if you've received any notifications. But put it in a drawer so you don't check it. And if you live with other people, tell them to leave you alone for four hours and maybe even if you live with someone, you can ask them to come get you after four hours. So I do this whenever I'm feeling a bit heavy mentally or overwhelmed by all the things, or just when I feel like I need like a mental detox. I'll do this four hour vipassana meditation and let me tell you it is a mental reset like no other. So I want to give you a quick rundown of what it's like so you know what to expect. I'm sure everyone will have different experiences, but I want to give this disclaimer so that you know that it's probably going to be difficult at first. Maybe it won't, but for me it always is. But I promise there's so many rewards from sitting in silence and you might think I can do it in two hours or one hour, but honestly I really think four hours is the sweet spot because it takes a while to get into that really clear meditative state. So I don't think two to three hours is long enough, so try to stick to four hours. So let me give you the rundown and these are rough estimates of times, because I never check the clock so you kind of go into a time warp, to be honest. So I'll refer to them as like hours or phases. So phase one, or what I want is hour one. This is where I do all the fidgeting and the thinking. I feel like my mind goes into hyperdrive. It's just like word vomit, thought vomit, just constantly thinking because I'm just alone in a room with nothing to distract me. So I do all the thinking. So I think. Phase two slash hour two I'm still thinking a lot, but I start getting all these memories coming up and I start doing like problem solving or I start thinking about these memories. I do sometimes get very emotional. I, in this phase I'm definitely wanting to check the clock. I'm wondering if I should just give up, if I should forget about it. I also wonder if this is actually working, because sometimes I do get emotional and I'm like, is this working? Am I supposed to be crying right now? But it gets better, I promise. So by hour three or phase three, this is where your mind really slows down. This is when I kind of start staring into space. Maybe you receive some ideas or epiphanies. It's really. You get over that hump, you know, and the challenging part goes away and it becomes a little bit easier and I'm starting to relax a lot more. And then, by phase four or hour four, I think it's hour four. This is when I really this is the sweet spot. This is when I start getting a little bit dazed. I get a lot of clarity. There's just this peaceful feeling. I truly lose sense of time. I feel like I could keep going and going and it feels like my brain just is drained of all these toxic thoughts. It's literally like a mental detox. It feels so good and at first it's really challenging. When you do this, you'll feel fidgety and restless, maybe even bored. But I promise, as you settle into it, something truly magical happens. It's like hitting the refresh button for your mind and it's so funny how intense doing nothing can feel. It's like scary. You're like scared to do it. You're like can I really sit in a room for four hours with nothing to distract me? And one of the strangest outcomes of doing this, for me at least, is the feeling that I can do anything. If I can sit in a room and literally do nothing for four hours, I can do anything. So it's like a recharge and it's so funny how doing nothing can make you feel so energized and alive. So I really encourage you to give it a try. It's definitely a challenge, no doubt, but the rewards are well worth it. It's important for us to take a break from the noise of the world and embrace the magic of stillness within. So, as we end this episode, I'd love to share the quote of the week, which is very fitting, and it is quiet the mind and the soul will speak, by Majaya, and this is a wonderful quote because we're so often bombarded with information and content and we don't even know what our true thoughts are. So maybe we need to regularly take four-hour breaks to get to the depths of our soul and our desires and our mind. I would be super curious to hear if this sounds fun, exciting, scary or absolutely crazy. I would love to hear if you have ever done this. I love to do this, maybe once every four to five months. It's again. It's just this really good reset button. So that's it for this episode of Magic Monday. If you enjoyed the magic trick today, which I hope you did, don't forget to subscribe to my podcast I would love you forever and, of course, my newsletter for more enchanting magic tricks every Monday. And thank you, thank you, thank you always. So much for being here. I'm so grateful for you. I hope your week is filled with so much wonder and magic and never forget you are the magic. See you next time. Have a great week. Bye, bye. Thanks so much for being here. 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