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Magic Monday: Consume Content At 2X To Create More Time For YOU [Mini Modern Magic Trick]

October 16, 2023 Andrea Morrison
Dream Life Connection
Magic Monday: Consume Content At 2X To Create More Time For YOU [Mini Modern Magic Trick]
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Ever wished for more hours in the day? What if you could magically speed up the time of podcasts, courses, videos, etc. so that you can have more time to yourself? Consuming content at double speed is a modern magic trick that optimizes your time and transforms your productivity. 

In this mini episode, I share the benefits, the science, and the intention behind listening to content at 2X. It's something I wish I had known about years ago! [I recommend you even listen to this very episode at 2X to see how quickly you adapt!] Modern magic... 


Thank you so much for listening, it truly means the world to me. I would love to connect with you!

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Speaker 1:

Hey, I'm Andrea, and welcome to Magic Monday. Come back every Monday for a bite-sized episode, sharing a modern magic trick that will make your life happier and a bit more enchanted For more magic. Come find me on Instagram at DreamLife Connection I'm so grateful that you're here. Now let's open our digital spellbook. Well, hi and welcome to a brand new week and a brand new episode of Magic Monday, where I love to share modern magic tricks that aren't your typical spells or concoctions. These episodes have little, bite-sized Modern magic tricks or you could even call them magic hacks that are fit for 2023 and beyond, and I consider them to be real magic. And I was actually looking this up today. What is the definition of magic, anyway? There's all sorts of definitions, and the first one that pops up from the dictionary is the power of Influencing events by using mysterious and supernatural forces and supernatural forces. That, to me, in my opinion, is subjective. Many, many, many things in our reality could be considered supernatural. It just depends on our view of it. Even today's magic trick, I think it's supernatural, and with this trick you can essentially speed up time, and I think that that is Supernatural for sure. So today's magic trick is what I call the power of 2x and I know some of you are already familiar with this, but bear with me because I think it's worth revisiting and, to be honest, I didn't even really start practicing this or know about this until a couple years ago. The power of 2x is like discovering a time-turner for anything you're consuming by audio or video, and All you have to do to use this magic trick is consume content at double the speed. I'm talking about podcasts, audio books, videos, voice messages and memos, course lessons. The list goes on. Even right now, I recommend you listen to this very episode at double the speed. Almost every platform that has some type of media will have a playback speed option, so look for a 1x and change it to a 2x, or sometimes it's on the top menu bar. There's a playback speed drop down to either speed it up or you can slow it down if you need. When on Chrome, if you have Chrome, you can install a plugin called video speed controller and it will automatically add buttons to every single video you watch and you can speed it up as fast as you want, even up to 3x or 4x. That's a little fast for me, but 2x is perfect for me. Obviously, speeding up content isn't recommended for music or meditations or anything where tempo matters. These mediums need to be listened at the normal speed to get the full effects. So I don't recommend it for music or meditations. But honestly, I wish I'd known about this trick years ago. I think of all the hours hours I could have saved for other pursuits by speeding up my content. By doing this, it's like you've gained extra time in your day without even trying. Imagine breezing through a video course, something that would take you normally hours to come to a complete, and now it's completed in half the time, leaving you with a surplus of time for other endeavors, other things that you could be working on or relaxing. And you might be thinking my brain cannot possibly handle content at double the speed. That's crazy, but trust me, it's a bit like unlocking a hidden superpower. Give it a try. You can even start by increasing the speed just a little bit and then gradually adjust it to your comfort level. I tend to love listening to things at 2x. That's my preferred speed now. And here's the thing Our brains are remarkable, kind of like machines. They're capable of processing certain types of information in as little as 13 milliseconds. That's faster than a blink of a night. So when you start listening or watching content at double the speed, you'll be amazed at how quickly you adapt. Our brain can capture this information faster than you think and it's as if you've tapped into a new dimension of productivity and you'll be so happy with how much more you can fit into your day. But I should warn you, because when you switch back after listening to things at double the speed, when you switch back to normal speed, it's kind of like everything moves in slow motion. It's kind of strange. You should give it a try. Listen this episode if you're listening to it at 2x the next episode. Listen it to it at normal the speed and it's going to sound like slow motion. It's crazy. It's actually kind of hard for me to listen to voice messages and podcasts at the regular speed now. But let me be clear about the intention behind this trick. It's not about rushing through life. It's about reclaiming these pockets of time for yourself. That's where the true magic lies. It lies in the ability to optimize specific mediums, like anything audio or video and then that creates these pockets of time within your day. And by gaining efficiency in these areas, you're not hurrying through life. Instead, you're gifting yourself with the luxury of extra time to savor life's magical experiences. So, while the power of 2x may accelerate your media consumption, it does so with the intention of allowing you to slow down and savor the magic that surrounds you, and I'd say that's pretty supernatural if it were up to me. So there you have it, your quick, bite-sized, modern magic trick, a simple yet potent trick that can transform the way you use your time. Thank you, as always. Thank you so much for joining me on this episode. Be at double the speed? I don't know. I'd be curious to know. I'm so grateful for you and I hope you have the most magical week. I'll see you next time. Bye, bye. Thanks so much for being here. If you want to infuse more sparkle and whimsy into your life, head over to DreamLife Connection on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to my Magic Monday newsletter, where I'll send you exclusive content, free downloads and stories as a wandering nomad. You'll also gain access to the archive filled with modern magic tricks and resources. Remember, magic is real and it's everywhere, and you are the magic. Have a great week and see you next time.

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