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Magic Monday: Guided Meditations From Jason Stephenson For Better Sleep - And A Better Reality

November 20, 2023 Andrea Morrison Season 2 Episode 12
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Magic Monday: Guided Meditations From Jason Stephenson For Better Sleep - And A Better Reality
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Happy Magic Monday! Today's mini modern magic trick is actually a voice... The voice of Jason Stephenson, a meditation master who leads relaxing and inspiring guided meditations. His meditations mentally transport you somewhere else and give you the greatest visuals and deep sleeps. 💤

You may not realize that whatever you're consuming at night is impacting not only your dreams, but your next day - and your entire reality! In this episode, I share the science behind falling asleep and the importance of consuming positive and calming content as you're falling asleep. You'll learn about the portal between your conscious and subconscious mind - and why Jason's meditations prime your mind for more magical dreams and better days. 😴

Meet your new favorite voice:
Jason Stephenson's Guided Meditations Channel on YouTube

From the episode:
+ Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide - Jason Stephenson Guided Meditation
+ Bluetooth Earbuds Headband

Special thank you to Jason Stephenson & team for permission to share a sample of your meditation! 🙏


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Hey, I'm Andrea and welcome to Magic Monday. Come back every Monday for a bite-sized episode sharing a modern magic trick that will make your life happier and a bit more enchanted.
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Well, hello from Vietnam. Welcome to another Magic Monday. I'm so glad you're here. It's
so funny. I'm in Vietnam now and I'm reminded how much louder it is here. There's always
so much noise. So if you hear anything in the background right now in the distance,
I hear a siren. So I don't know if you can hear it, but welcome to a new week. I hope
you've had a great week and I hope today's mini modern magic trick will bring you some
really good deep sleeps and maybe some whimsical dreams.
And today's modern magic trick is actually a person, more specifically a voice. And this
voice comes from Jason Stevenson. So Jason Stevenson, he leads the most beautiful and
calming guided meditations and I swear, they are pure magic. And you probably know how many
meditations there are on YouTube. There's thousands upon thousands, specifically sleep
meditations. And I've actually listened to a lot of them, not thousands, but I've listened
to a lot. And since I'm a dream interpreter and I help people with dream work, I take
sleep very, very seriously and hands down. My very favorite guided sleep meditations come
from Jason Stevenson. So I started diving in a dream work. It was beginning of 2016.
And around that time, my friend Elaine, she actually mentioned to me, Jason's guided
meditations on YouTube and I actually still have the little piece of paper that she wrote
his name on. I taped it in my journal because it was that important to me. And he has the
most soothing Australian accent and I absolutely love his voice and a selection of music. But
most importantly, his storytelling, his storytelling and the way he guides you through the meditation
is incredible. It's not like your normal meditation. I mean, he does have a lot of like normal
type meditations, but his seem to be more like a story like he takes you to these whimsical
places and he, oh my gosh, you can just see the whole scene in front of you, the way he
describes it. It feels like he takes you to another world. They're so good. And they're
so creative and there's so many different themes you can choose from. So whatever it
is, you want to feel or imagine he guides you through it. And he doesn't only do sleep
meditations. He also does meditations about things like abundance or like specifically
about overcoming insomnia, quantum jumping, creativity, meeting your future self. The
list goes on and on and on. And he has meditations that are short, like five minutes and all
the way up to like three, sometimes even eight hours. It's like he'll have a guided meditation
for about 30 minutes. And then the rest is music so that you sleep through the night.
And my favorite meditation is wanting guides you to meet with your spirit guide. And it's
about, I think about 35 minutes and it was one of his earlier meditations. I think it's
like eight years old. So I'll link that one in the show notes if you want to check it
out. It's so good. It's so good. And I recommend definitely listening to Jason's meditations
as you're falling asleep. I cannot tell you how many times I have played them at night
and I'm following his voice and I'm thinking I'm wide awake and I'm like, Oh, it's going
to take me forever to fall asleep. And then before I know it, I wake up in the morning
and my earbuds are still in. It's it's like magic. And it's actually gotten to a point
where I can just hear his intro and I immediately get into sleepy mode. It's like Pavlov's bell.
His first word is like my bell and off to dream land I go. So I'll actually play snippet
of his intro and you can get a little sample. And I actually wanted to share a part of his
voice so badly in this episode because it is that calming, but I was nervous about sharing
like content from someone else. And I was like worried about copyright. So I actually
asked for permission from his team to play a few seconds of his voice and they gave me
the go ahead. Thank you so much. So I'll share a little snippet so you can hear your new
Pavlov's bells. So take a listen.
Finding your spirit guide, a guided meditation. Hello and welcome to this guided meditation.
My name is Jason and over the course of the next... Just kidding. I'm telling you every
time I hear it, I immediately calm down. So here are a couple practical things to keep
in mind for his meditation. So number one, Jason has a great YouTube channel with hundreds
and hundreds of videos to choose from. I mean, he's like I said, he's been doing this for
a very long time. And I think he has like over 3 million subscribers. But I know that sometimes
as you're falling asleep, you don't really want a video playing on your phone or iPad
or whatever in the background. So if you don't want to play a video, he also has many meditations
on Spotify. Even on his website, I think he has some downloads that you can download and
listen to. So I actually find that I like his YouTube videos a little bit better than just
the audio because I love seeing his visuals. Even if it's like for a minute or so because
his imagery is so gorgeous and I feel like I can transport to that mental space even
quicker. And number two, after a couple of years listening to his meditations with my
earbuds, it was always painful and uncomfortable to sleep on my side. I'm a side sleeper. And
if you've ever gone through this, it's so painful when you have the earbuds jabbing
your ears. So I ended up getting, this is something I definitely recommend, it's like
a magic trick in itself. I recommend getting these, it's like a headband that has Bluetooth
earbuds inside of it. It's really soft and the earbuds are really small and soft and
squishy. So they're actually intended to be worn while you're laying down. So it's
a lot easier to listen to things and fall asleep. And they're also really good if you're
watching movies or shows or Netflix and bed and you're next to your partner or you just
want to like fully immerse yourself. I definitely recommend this headband and you can find a
ton of different colors on Amazon. They're pretty affordable. So I'll link the headband
in my show notes as well. So here's the thing about dreams. This is why his meditations
are so important and powerful because whatever it is that you're absorbing as you're falling
asleep, it's likely what you'll dream about. So if you play video games before you go to
bed, you'll likely have dreams that relate to whatever video game you're playing or
if you watch TikTok videos as you're falling asleep, you'll likely have dreams that have
to do with some viral trend or song or something. I'm sure you've experienced this before. Like
whatever show is on TV and that's why it's like I used to fall asleep every night to
my TV and I would end up having these like weird dreams that have had to do with like
the commercials or the shows that we're playing throughout the night. And this is why it's
not really safe to fall asleep with the TV on. I think it's actually kind of dangerous
because you're literally getting programmed from the TV programs and the commercials.
It's so weird. And here's the science behind it. As you drift from wakefulness to sleep,
your brain travels through a series of sleep stages. I'm sure you've heard of these before
and these stages eventually lead you to a few periods of REM sleep and REM is rapid eye movement
and REM sleep is when you're dreaming. So before you get to REM, you go through four
non-REM stages and that's when your brain waves and your heartbeat and your breath slow
down. And as your brain waves, I feel like I'm speaking slower now too because I'm like
thinking about it. So as your brain waves slow down, your mind becomes more receptive
to suggestion and external stimuli. So that's why it's so important to consume positive
or calming content before or maybe even as you're falling asleep because it's literally
priming your brain. What I like to do is I like to think of it like a portal. These
sleep stages are like a portal from your conscious to your subconscious mind. So whatever you're
consuming, it travels easier and faster to your subconscious mind because there's no filter.
The portal removes the filter. And so this also impacts the themes and emotions of your
dreams because your dreams are the language of your subconscious mind. And our subconscious
minds are running our lives, whether you realize it or not. So maybe a reason if you're feeling
like this, maybe a reason why you're feeling down or slow or sad throughout the day, if
you're feeling this way, maybe you don't even realize how much your content consumption
at night is affecting your sleep and your subconscious mind. So maybe a reason you're feeling this
way is because of the thoughts that you're having as you're falling asleep. So I ask
you, what do you want to invite into your subconscious mind? What or who do you give
permission to guide you through your life? Because the thoughts you have as you're falling
asleep are subconsciously navigating your conscious mind. So the best, best, best, best
thing you can do for your mental health, your subconscious mind and your dreams is feed
it beautiful thoughts when you're in that sleepy stage. And I think with Jason's meditations,
you're setting the stage for a great night's sleep, magical dreams, and then a better day
and a better reality because it's all connected. That's why my business is called dream life
connection. It's all connected. And side note, if you ever want to get lucid while you sleep,
which I highly, highly recommend, definitely listen to Jason's lucid dream meditations.
They are so powerful and they work. Give it a try. I mean, there's definitely some steps
you need to do before that. But man, if you want to have some good dreams, check out his
lucid dream meditations. So with that being said, I'd love to share the quote of the week,
which actually comes from the man of the hour, Jason Stevenson himself. So Jason says, at
any point in our lives, we have the potential to do what we want to do to recognize our
dreams and to go out and live them. And that's what I'm all about. That's why I'm a huge
fan of Jason Stevenson, because life is a dream. It's all connected. So might as well
make it magical, right? And there you have it. Monday's magic trick. Thank you so much
for being here, as always. And remember, if you want the latest modern magic tricks,
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I love chatting with you guys. Seriously, reach out to me anytime. I appreciate you so much.
And I'm so grateful that you're listening. I'm so grateful that you're here. I really,
it means so much to me. So I hope you have a magical week, and I hope you have sweet,
sweet, sweet dreams. See you next time. Bye bye.
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